Publicom Latina is headquartered in Colombia and California.


Global Development HQ: PLPG’s Colombia HQ is in Santiago de Cali, in Yoffice, a renowned and exclusive office complex, a modern space designed to offer employees a high-performance, fluid working environment. Designed to support agile digital working, the open-plan, contemporary, space offers hot desking, state-of-the-art equipment and informal meeting areas for easy interaction and collaboration. The space includes a digital studio, a Quiet Lounge, individual Think Pods, a multifunctional conference center, a library and a café area. Strategically located both in the North and in the South of Cali: Centenario Shopping Center and Unicentro Shopping Center, facilitating the daily transfer of our visitors and colaborators. Also the complex offers stunning views of the City and is located close to the financial areas, the most exclusive hotel sectors and the most important gastronomic areas of the city.


International Business Development Office: Los Angeles is the media and entertainment capital of the world. As digital media continues to grow as a major industry and as a significant marketing platform, companies leveraging video and creative services need to be near locations with production capacity. LA, by way of Hollywood, has long been the film capital of the world, and has attracted modern content producers like Netflix. Los Angeles has 284 days of sunshine, and boasts a Sperling comfort index of 87 of 100, where a higher score indicates a more comfortable year-round climate. The abundant sunshine allows our team to take advantage of perks like outdoor workspaces and recreational activities throughout the year.