From fashion, beauty and design to technology, news, entertainment, food and fitness, we create content that audiences love. Being a part of Publicom Latina means creating, reporting and distributing some of the most compelling and innovative content in the industry—across all our platforms of digital, video, social, print and experiential.


We are experts in the creation and development of high impact content, which reaches our audiences efficiently, through various platforms. This allows us to create emotional and commercial links with our readers and advertisers.

We give our readers access to the finest products and experiences, while offering premium advertisers a multi-platform stage for their brands.

The Business of Luxury.

In-depth editorial features deliver cuttingedge, authoritative business intelligence on the emerging innovators, disruptors and brands redefining the world we live in.


Inside the Issues

Throughout the year, our magazines releases a series of special high-impact editorial inserts covering specific lifestyle segments.

Trending brands are published in Publicom Latina magazines’ sections, we news covering fashion, timepieces, wine & spirits, cars, real estate and more.


We speak to a contemporary audience, interested in international trends. We speak to enterprising men and women who seek a balance between their personal, family and work life, to restless young people who love to know everything that happens in the world and who seek to be an active part of it, to those who want to have fun and entertain themselves. with the best plans in their free time, to those who are interested in specialized topics that leads them to shape their dreams.

Editorial Intelligence and Data

Unique content that connects brands with audiences and that comes from combining the most valuable data on lifestyle and behavior with the editorial intelligence of the most expert and benchmark teams in each sector.