Honoring celebrities, entrepreneurs, game-changers and leaders advancing industries around the globe, PLPG’ powerful brands provide interactive and multi-dimensional experiences that connect brands, consumers, and influencers.

Attending a variety of events each year, Publicom Latina brands brings together the world’s top leaders, policy makers, innovators, experts, and change-makers to explore the landscape of today’s ever-evolving world.

We give our readers access to the finest products and experiences, while offering premium advertisers a multi-platform stage for their brands.

PLPG Insights is the strategic research and thought leadership publishing practice of Publicom Latina Media. By leveraging our extensive access to senior executives, cross-industry editorial expertise, and content marketing experience, we help position brands as thought leaders in their space. Our research, conducted on a wide range of topics, is delivered through a variety of digital, print and live executions, and amplified across Publicom Latina’ media and social platforms.

PLPG Insights collaborates with clients to provide long-term, strategic solutions to their goals. By identifying the white spaces a client seeks to target, developing cohesive research methods and content plans, and utilizing wide distribution platforms, we successfully deliver on your initiatives.